About Us

Hi, I’m Phil Evans. Along with my wife Davina and our kids Isabella and Calvin, we
make up Evans Fruit Company. My family had been growing fruit in Mosier Valley
since the late 1880’s. As fate would have it, when I wanted to buy, my Grandfather was
not ready to sell the family orchard so we purchased a nearby orchard instead and
formed the beginnings of Evans Fruit Company. That was the spring of 2000. The
years since have been spent taking out the old trees and planting new varieties an acre
or two at a time.

We specialize in cherries but we also have a few hundred peach trees just because we
love eating them tree ripened. There are currently 10 varieties of sweet cherries, 2
varieties of sour cherries. And 2 kinds of peaches.

The orchard does not have an organic certification as we treat each acre/block
separately based on it’s intended market. Fruit acreage that is intended for
commercial picking and sent to a contracted packing house for national and
international distribution must be managed to meet the market regulations. Fruit
acreage intended for u-pick does not need the same type of pest management. Which
chemicals we use is influenced heavily by the weather but our first choice is to use
OMRI certified products. We also live in the orchard so we make the safest choices.