At EFC  we have both commercial and Upick cherries. From the sour pie cherries Montmorency to dark sweet Bings and delicate yellow Rainiers, there is a variety for everyone. The season usually lasts 3 weeks and we are open 7 days a week, 9am - 7pm starting mid June.

Cherries are over, but come pick ripe Peaches while they last. Open every day, self serve. $2.00/lb Redhaven (freestone).
Located at 701 State Rd  Mosier, OR 97040

 Come enjoy some of the first fruit of the Summer.  Sweet Cherries from the Mosier Valley 
 at Evans Fruit Company.
$1.50/lb Dark
$1.50/lb Light

2 Locations
701 State Rd
1120 Carroll    Rd
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