At EFC  we have both commercial and Upick cherries. From the sour pie cherries Montmorency to dark sweet Bings and delicate yellow Rainiers, there is a variety for everyone. The season lasts about 3-4 weeks and we are open 7 days a week, 9am - 7pm.

  We still have sour cherries or Vishnya, and have just opened a large new block of dark sweet cherries called Regina's. Acres of short trees loaded with late season cherries. Super easy to pick your bucket full in just a few minutes.
   We will also have some early peaches for the weekend of June 27th. which will be $2.50/lb
The upick season will continue through the end of June.

Located at 701 State Rd  Mosier, OR 97040

 Come enjoy some of the first fruit of the Summer.  Sweet Cherries from the Mosier Valley 
 at Evans Fruit Company.
$1.50/lb Dark
$1.50/lb Light
$1.50/lb Sour
Located at
701 State Rd
Mosier, Or 97040
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