U-Pick Peaches

At Evans Fruit Company we have 2 varieties of peaches available to upick:

1. Earlystar is the first variety to ripen and this usually coincides with the last week of
cherry season. Usually mid July for us. It is a semi freestone peach which means if
works for both canning and eating fresh. Reddish skin with minimal fuzz and classic yellow flesh.



2. Redhaven peaches will ripen about 2 weeks after the Earlystars. This will typically be
the last week in July or the first week in August. Redhaven is a freestone variety
considered the standard by which all other peaches are measured. There are bigger
peaches, or varieties that ship better, but none has better taste or overall quality.

If you would like to purchase 500 lb’s or more for processing or brewing please use the contact
us link to arrange for your order. Contact us